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A domain name is the address of your website that users enter in the browser's URL bar to access it. Alternatively put, if your website were a house, your domain name would be the address.

Let's now dive into the in-depth justification. The Internet is essentially a huge network of computers that are linked together by cables. Each computer is given an IP address, which is a set of numbers, in order to be quickly identified. The numbers in this IP address are separated by dots. IP addresses are often formatted as

These numbers are easily identified and remembered by computers. However, it is impossible for humans to remember and apply these numbers to connect to websites on the internet. Domain names were developed to address this issue.

It is simple to remember website addresses when a domain name contains words. You no longer need to type a string of numbers into a web browser in order to view a website. Instead, you can provide a simple-to-remember domain name, such



The location of your website's files is known as web hosting. It is comparable to your website's physical home, where it resides.

Web hosting is the real home that the domain name points to, if the domain name were the address of your home. Every internet-based website requires web hosting. Your domain name is converted into the computer's IP address by your web hosting firm when someone types it into a browser. This machine stores your website's files and sends them to the browsers of your visitors. Companies that host websites have made a specialty of doing so. They provide their customers with a variety of hosting plans. Learn more about picking the best hosting for your website by reading our post about WordPress hosting.



The services of domain names and web hosting are distinct. But they collaborate to make websites a reality. A domain name system functions essentially as a big, continually updated address book. Each domain name has a web hosting service's address, where the website's files are kept. People will be unable to find your website if you do not have a domain name, and you will be unable to develop a website if you do not have web hosting. For this reason, a large number of reputable domain name registrars also provide web hosting services.

Both a domain name and a web hosting account are required to create a website. When you purchase a domain name by yourself, you can only use it for a limited time (usually one year). Web hosting is required to store your website's files. After obtaining hosting, you must modify the settings for your domain name to point to your web hosting company. You can also purchase both the name and the hosting service from the same business. A domain name generally costs $14.99 per year, while web hosting typically costs $7.99 per month. This could appear to be a lot if this is your first website.


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