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Review management – What is it?

Monitoring consumer reviews that are posted about your brand on websites and social media is a technique known as review management. Every company, big or small, should actively monitor, examine, and respond to all reviews, no matter how negative they are. An effective customer review management approach can assist you in dealing with bad (and fraudulent) reviews while also promoting great ones in order to develop a positive brand reputation.

 A user expressed his displeasure with a brand in a poor Google review. And the company respectfully responded to the customer, acknowledged the error, and grieved to him instead of ignoring him. The brand successfully responded to an irate customer, created a chance for a good engagement, and maintained its brand image through its smart reaction.


In what ways do you handle reviews?

Four fundamental topics are covered by online review management:


  • creating evaluations

  • reviews of monitoring

  • responding to evaluations

  • displaying evaluations

You'll need a strategy in place to take care of a number of chores if you want to manage reviews effectively. Your strategy should include procedures to:

Use online review management tools and software to easily solicit client feedback and disseminate it to prominent online review sites to your website, add review schema markup;

Be aggressive in requesting customers to submit online evaluations for your company (68% of consumers will do so that when requested);

In both good and negative reviews, thank the customer for their insightful and promote your great testimonials to highlight your clients' comments (such as sharing on social media, posting on websites, creating banners, including in e-newsletters, paid ads, etc.).


We are aware that time is a vital resource whether you run a small business, work in healthcare, or operate an e-commerce site. And anything that can spare you even a little of it is welcome.

Creating and sustaining a positive name and image for your brand is a serious business, as we stated, and reputation management is just that. Additionally, your firm can crumble if you put it off due to a lack of time.

The remedy? an application for managing reputation!

All accessible reputation management solutions are intended to save you time and handle the heavy lifting for you. This software allows you to gather real-time evaluations from several review sites, submit review requests, manage the collected customer input, monitor reviews, and manage all customer interactions from a single location.



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