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What is Landing Page?

A landing page is a separate web page developed expressly for a marketing or advertising campaign in digital marketing. When someone clicks on an email link, an ad from Google, Bing, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or another comparable website, they "land" on this page. Landing pages are created with a single emphasis or objective, known as a call to action, as opposed to web pages, which often contain several aims and encourage research (or CTA, for short).

Landing pages are the ideal choice for improving the conversion rates of your marketing campaigns and reducing your cost per lead or transaction because of this focus.


The components of effective landing pages are the same ones that boost performance and increase lead generation. Landing pages need to contain:

  • In a headline

  • The offer's description

  • Illustrative photos and videos

  • Evaluations or remarks that serve as social proof

  • A special form for gathering client information.

Landing page builders enable you to test every piece of your landing page to ensure you're getting the most out of your design and copy. For instance, you can experiment with various headlines, body copy, and even changes to your offers to see what improves conversion rates.


A key component of your digital marketing approach should include landing pages. These pages help guide consumers further along your customer journey by acting as a nudge to take action. There's no restriction on how many landing pages your website can have, and each one is a distinct opportunity. Most studies demonstrate that the more landing pages a website has, the more conversions it receives, as long as the landing pages are not competing with one another. To avoid your landing pages competing for traffic, make sure that each one targets a different demographic or encourages your users to take a different action.



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