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Portal Engine and MVC are the two development models that Kentico offers. The key distinctions, benefits, and drawbacks of the two methods are outlined on this page:

MVC (Model-View -Controller)

Enables the Model-View-Controller architectural pattern to be used while building websites (based on the ASP.NET MVC 5 framework).

In order to fully take use of the separation of responsibilities for which the MVC method is renowned, when using the MVC model, you work with two independent applications: the MVC application presenting content and the Kentico administration.

A shared database is used by both programmes to store and retrieve material.

Requires familiarity with ASP.NET, the MVC architecture, and C# or VB.NET.

Data can be modified using the Kentico administration interface and is structured using content-only pages that act as content repositories. You can enhance or alter the system's functionality by using the customization mechanism offered by the Kentico API.



Gives you the ability to create webpages using web elements via a browser-based interface. ASP.NET Web Forms are the foundation of the architecture.

The Kentico administration and live site run under a single web application, which is used to create websites and design pages.

For routine activities, no programming experience is necessary.

You employ built-in or custom web elements in page layouts that are changeable (HTML code with placeholder zones for web parts).

The Kentico administration interface allows for editing of page content, which is separate from the website's design.

Page layouts are passed down from ancestors all the way to the root page of a website. This nesting may be interrupted and then resumed at any level.

You can enhance or alter the system's functionality by using the customisation mechanism offered by the Kentico API.


Easily customizable content
It provides simple techniques for marketers to deliver tailored information. It uses consumer insights from Kentico Analytics to trigger marketing automation and however for content based on user preferences.
Enhanced e-commerce API
Kentico provides powerful yet simple e-commerce APIs. It relieves developers of the burden of writing them from scratch, allowing them to concentrate on creating engaging shopping experiences, providing tailored content, and raising conversion rates.
High-Customizability mobile designs
It gives web designers total freedom over how a website is laid out. It provides tailored mobile layouts for all mobile device profiles, ensuring seamless and quick content delivery without giving the target mobile device a second thought.



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